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Cancellation Policy

100% refund within 24 hours of registration. 50% within 48 hours. None after.

All notices of cancellation must be provided in writing to [email protected]

Limitation of Liability

This seminar does not endorse nor make any representations or warranties concerning companies presented. All content is for educational purposes only. The organizers disclaim any liability for funding/investment losses or damages flowing from a Participant’s individual funding/investment decisions. Participants should obtain independent legal and financial advice prior to making any funding/investment decision. All Participants understand that they will hold harmless and waive any right to sue for damages the seminar organizers, instructors, sponsors and Venture Corner for any funding/investment decisions and outcomes, and any Participant who attempts to do so agrees to pay all legal fees and costs to defend any such lawsuit. The seminar organizers, instructors, sponsors and Venture Corner do not constitute a venture fund, investment bank, broker/dealer, investment clearinghouse, or any other form of investment advisor or otherwise, and are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities commission. They do not provide advice, recommendations, or any other indications of appropriateness or inappropriateness for a particular investment. Confidentiality of Material: All educational content is being furnished on a confidential basis. By accepting the material, the Participant agrees to keep confidential the information contained herein. Any unauthorized use, distribution, or reproduction of the material is prohibited.