Introduction to Start-up Fundraising & Angel Investing

On-Line Classes

Introductory classes in start-up funding & angel investing in the biotech, SaaS, consumer and other sectors.  

Ideal for anyone, and especially entrepreneurs and new angel investors!

Taught by seasoned angel, venture capital and private equity investors, you’ll get the inside track on how they evaluate ventures for potential investment giving you a leg up on fundraising for your start-up or investing in one.  

Each session can be taken independently, except Session 3 which builds on knowledge of Session 1 & 2 topics.  

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 Session 1 – $199

Investment Types Along
The Capital Stack &
Due Diligence

By session end, you will understand:
  • Investment types along the capital stack, from seed to institutional
  • Risk-reward at each level of investing
  • 8+ categories of start-up analysis conducted by investors (due diligence process) applicable to any sector

 Session 2 – $299

Financial Statements, Financial Due Diligence,
Start-Up Valuation,
Capitalization Tables, &
Term Sheets

By session end, you will understand:
  • How to read the 3 key financial statements of any venture
  • Key aspects of conducting financial due diligence of a start-up
  • How to derive the valuation of a venture using multiple approaches
  • How to read and develop capitalization tables
  • How to structure terms to optimize your investment or start-up capitalization

 Session 3 – $299

Hands-on Exercises in Due Diligence, Determining Valuation & Terms,
Real Case Studies

By session end, you will understand:
  • How to conduct due diligence from A-Z for early and later stage companies, including financial due diligence, determining company valuation & negotiating terms
  • Through real case studies, how actual investment firms evaluated deals and what ultimately led to their investment decisions 
  • Optional final exam

 Sessions 1,2,3 – $650

Get all 3 sessions for nearly $150 in savings!


Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh, PhD
  • Partner, 1812 Ventures
  • Founder, ECF Biosolutions
Fred Gumbinner, JD
  • Mg Partner, G2 GEM Finance
  • Gnl Partner, SaaS Venture Fund
  • Pres, Keiretsu Forum, DC Chap
John Brzezenski, MBA
  • Partner, J. Locke & Co.
  • Member & Former Board Chair, LaunchPad Ventures
Ben Lieblich
  • Partner and COO at GP Ventures

Carolyn Campbell
  • Managing Director & Founding Partner, ECF Investments



Coming Soon!
Fundraising thru Grants & Initial Coin Offerings on Blockchain

SBIR/STTR & Other Technology Development Grants

  • Learn what grant reviewers actually look for in grants.
  • Learn the landscape of grant opportunities, the review cycles, resubmissions, win rates.


Former grants administrator, Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh PhD, who led dozens of grant review panels for the Dept of Defense Health Programs, Cancer Prevention Institute of TX and drafted multi-million dollars of awarded SBIR and other tech development grants for biotech start-ups and academic clients.

Initial Coin Offerings – Blockchain

  • Learn the ABCs of cutting-edge blockchain
  • Learn how to fundraise for your venture or invest in one through Initial Coin Offerings on Blockchain


Prof Jim Liew, Founder of SoKat Consulting, LLC & Asst Professor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Expert in cryptocurrency trading, financial tech, hedge funds, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Previous industry experience at Carlyle, Morgan Stanley and Campbell.